WELCOME to CeMSIIS? research focus area „Re-USE of health data for medical research“.

Data are too expensive to waste
(Frank Harrell Jr., 2001)

By „Re-USE” we mean the utilization of data for other purposes than originally intended. We are restricting this definition to human data arising in a clinical or health care context, and their utilization to purposes of medical research.

On the following pages, information on background, vision and mission of the research focus area, methodology and current and past projects can be found.

The research focus area is supported by all Sections of CeMSIIS; a list of all members of its core group is available at the collaboration page.



23.2.2018: European OHDSI Symposium

[23.2.2018 Re-USE cr]

[:OHDSI Symposium:]The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (or OHDSI, pronounced "Odyssey") program has its annual European symposium in Rotterdam at 23-24th of March 2018. With OMOP-CDM the OHDSI established a consolidated data model for observational data.

The OHDSI European OHDSI Symposium

19.1.2018: Mortality and continuity of care from claims data

[19.1.2017 Re-USE cr]

[:PLOS COCI :]Researchers from the Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems reused health claims data to evaluate the continuity of care for patient outcomes and show that measures of continuity of care are highly sensitive to the type of medical disciplines.

Mortality and continuity of care ? Definitions matter! A cohort study in diabetics

6.9.2017: Relationship between ambient heat and sudden infant death

[6.9.2017 Re-USE cr]

[:PLOS one Logo :]Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna replicated a study from Montreal (Canada) to explore the possible relationship between ambient heat and sudden infant death with data from Vienna (Austria). The Viennese results do not support the hypothesis of a strong effect of maximum ambient temperature on the risk of sudden infant death syndrome during the warm season.

19.8.2017: Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis in Austria

[19.8.2017 Re-USE cr]

[:Neur-Epidemiology Logo :]Using hospital discharge diagnosis and MS-specific immunomodulatory treatment descriptions from public health insurances, the epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis in Austria was assessed. The incidence and prevalence of MS is within the upper range of comparable studies. Researchers from two sections of the CeMSIIS were involved in this study. 

12.5.2017: Datenschutz-Anpassungsgesetz 2018

[12.5.2017 Re-USE cr]

[: Austrian Parliament Logo :]The Austrian Data Protection Act is superseded by the EU General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. Currently the new version of the Austrian Datenschutz-Anpassungsgesetz 2018 is evaluation in the Austrian Parliament. This act regulates beside other things how personalized data and medical data can be re-used for scientific purposes.

Datenschutz-Anpassungsgesetz 2018