Welcome to the Section for Clinical Biometrics

Clinical Biometrics is the methodology of empirical clinical research.

The section, founded in 1991, provides biostatistical support to clinical research and develops innovative methodology for biostatistical applications.
Biostatistical consultation for clinical projects is available by appointment during regular business hours.

Current lectures of the section are announced by the Wiener Biometrische Sektion.


The weather will change significantly in the next days(P = 0.04). In a weather report, a comment like this would be inconceivable, but such statements can be found in many scientific articles.

In their newest article, Daniela Dunkler and colleagues criticize the underuse of effect size measures and the overuse of p-values for describing quantitative results. Read more at


Dunkler D, Haller M, Oberbauer R, Heinze G (2019). To test or to estimate? P-values versus effect sizes. Transplant International, early view.


Our PhD student Hana Sinkovec won the poster award at the IBS-ROeS 2019 in Lausanne for her poster ‘Bring more data! A good advice?’. Hana studies in the doctoral programme Public Health and works on the project ‚Predicting rare events more accurately‘ under the supervision of Georg Heinze since 2017.

The paper was published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph16234658.

Sinkovec H, Geroldinger A, Heinze G (2019). Bring More Data!—A Good Advice? Removing Separation in Logistic Regression by Increasing Sample Size. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2019, 16(23), 4658;