Welcome to the Section for Clinical Biometrics

Clinical Biometrics is the methodology of empirical clinical research.

The section, founded in 1991, provides biostatistical support to clinical research and develops innovative methodology for biostatistical applications.
Biostatistical consultation for clinical projects is available by appointment during regular business hours.

Current lectures of the section are announced by the Wiener Biometrische Sektion.



New web interface for sample size planning for animal experiments: GINGER

At our Institute, we have developed a new web-based tool for design of animal experiments, which is offered here. In contrast to other software for experimental design, our webtool GINGER is specialized on multi-group designs and considers benefits in power by application of ANOVA and corrections for multiplicity by the methods of Tukey, Dunnett or Bonferroni. GINGER also offers tutorials and example applications. It is based on the statistical software R-shiny.