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to CeMSIIS’ research focus area Data Science for Personalized Medicine (DS4PM).

Personalized Medicine mainly aims at translating a patient’s genetic or other biomolecular information into individualized diagnostic or therapeutic decisions that are specifically tuned or optimized toward that patient’s organism.

Data Science brings together fields like statistics, mathematics, or computer science for advanced data analysis and modelling to support the goals of personalized medicine.

On the following pages, information on background, vision and mission of the research focus area, methodology and current and past projects can be found. The research focus area is supported by all Sections of CeMSIIS; a list of all members of its core group is available at the collaboration page.


Publication highlight: Personalized therapy reduces cancer risks for diabetes patients

The links between Type 2 diabetes and cancer are complex: people suffering from diabetes mellitus essentially have a higher risk of developing cancer but, on top of that, some diabetes drugs are also suspected of increasing the risk in some cases. However, scientists at the Department of Medicine III and the Section for Science of Complex Systems a MedUni Vienna have demonstrated that these risks can now be practically eliminated by using optimised personalised therapy.

see a press release on the occasion of the World Diabetes Day 2016 (in German)

Kautzky-Willer A, Thurner S, Klimek P: Use of statins offsets insulin-related cancer risk. J Intern Med 2016 Oct 21, in press.